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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Seeing red....

  Now the fashion world is a fickle place, after all it changes every season. It's sometimes hard to keep up with the latest trends and the same goes for make-up trends! Every season, like clockwork, there is a new make-up trend to attempt. However there is one trend that never seems to date. A classic, just like nude, RED never dates, but makes a bold and beautiful statement. A good red lipstick will never go out of fashion. Get the colour right and the rest shall follow.

Gwen rocking the red

Red is a warning colour in the animal kingdom, which is why it sometimes seems like such a daunting style to try. We all have our make-up safety net, a style that you go back to time and time again (mine is the liquid eyeliner, love that cat eye flick) but sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone can be surprising. However if you follow these smart little tips I learned, it's not scary after all.

1.     Find the right shade.

Ok so there are hundreds of different shades of red, but I bet the first thing you think when I mention red, is pillar box red or fire engine red, which are orangy reds.....perfect for warmer skinned girls.

General rule to go by:

Warmer Undertone:  you have undertones of yellow to your skin. So pick a warmer shade of red so orangy reds, brown reds, yellow reds.

Cooler Undertone:  you have blue undertones to your skin. So cooler shades of red for you! Bluey reds, berry reds, nothing with an orangy base to it.

How can you tell? Turn your arm over and look at your veins! Do they look blue-ish in colour? Then you're a cool skinned girl! Have they got a greenish tinge? Hello warm skinned girly! If you're not so sure about a colour.....try it on....if it doesn't look right, don't do it. Only go with something if you're happy with it!

2. Keep the rest neutral.

Biggest faux pas with red lippy....trying to do a sexy double dip with dark eye make up. Step away from the eyeliner and dark eyeshadow, this look is only valid on Halloween. Keep it understated with a neutral eyeshadow, that blends with your skin tone. A slick of mascara is all you need for your eyes and a hint of either bronzer or blusher. Now let your lips do the rest.

3. Lip Liner

Now lip liner is a controversial thing. If done correct, it will save your lippy from bleeding and go undiscovered. Done wrong, you may end up looking like a bad excuse for drag queen or like you have a pair of cartoon red lips.

Carefully line the inside of your lips (not the skin around them) so that you've defined the shape of your lips. Try not to draw it on to strong, or it may show through your lipstick.

4. Colour me in!

You can use your lip colour straight from the tube if you feel confident enough. If you find certain parts a bit tricky to do e.g corner of mouth or your cupids bow, I find a lip brush is a god send!

So go on and have a try, you might find you like it! Sometimes it can be a great boost of confidence to try something new and then to find out that it's great! I did :)

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