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Thursday, 6 October 2011


So who watched The Only Way is Essex last night???I did! And who saw our adorable "LoveBirds" and gorgeous "Garden of Delights" sets on Jess Wright's Lingerie Shop catwalk????

Didn't they look fabulous?! The Delightsful miss Ellie Redman, (creator of the famous "No carbs before Marbs!" catchphrase) did a fantastic job of modeling our LoveBirds set.

We're still on the case trying to track down our Garden of Delights model, to give her our congrats, but we got a lovely reply off Ellie, who tweeted back to us:

  aw no problem, such a beautiful set! was lots of fun.. love your Lovebirds collection! xxxxxxx"
aw thanks so sweet, caught my eye straight away is beautiful x x x"
Such a lovely girl!
So if you're ever down in Essex Girls and Guys, go visit Jess Wright's new shop "With Love Jess" and look out for our line!
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Monday, 3 October 2011

Tallulah Love and TOWIE.....Showing Some Love


Exciting news in the Tallulah offices today!!! If you're a fan of The Only Way Is Essex, like us, you'll love this! Here is a snippit of our press release, to give all you faithful fans a taster of what's to come:

"The Only Way is Essex is one of the most talked about shows this year, so the Tallulah Team were ecstatic when TOWIE hottie Jess Wright said she wanted to stock them in her new Lingerie shop! Jess will launch her shop with a catwalk show on one of the upcoming episodes, with both herself and fellow TOWIE star Lucy Mecklenburg modeling. Jess approached Tallulah Love earlier this year and it’s been top secret info until now. So look out for Tallulah Love designs on your screens soon!

Tallulah Love is a rapidly growing name in the lingerie world. After the success of the CiCi press day back in July, the brand has been picking up fans from all walks in life; from the glamour girls of The Only Way is Essex, to the luxury ladies of Made in Chelsea who enjoyed the delights of the Tallulah Travelling Boudoir. "

Jessica is also the face of Alexis Smith Lingerie, here she is modeling the black satin set. Alexis' Lingerie is designed for ladies who have had breast augmentation!

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Stay tuned for more treasures soon!

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