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Friday, 2 September 2011

Treasure of the day!

Well it's more a treasure of the night if I'm honest, but I can't sleep!

After sorting out my fabulously full underwear drawer (I actually had to get a bigger drawer recently :-O lol ) I came accross the beloved Tallulah Love Love Birds Bra. It is stunning!

It's a pink satin delight, with moulded cups for a lovely lift and gorgeous black silk ribbon straps, it's perfectly at home in any fashionistas boudoir! I love mine, it's such a comfy fit and because it's a smooth shape, it's great for wearing under close fitting tops and flirty shirts.

It's a must have girls, I advise you invest in one, managing director Michelle Taylor has had hers since she first designed them....deffinatly a keeper! You know you can trust an item if the designer herself swears by it and wears it day after day (of course she does change her bra I'm sure!)

x o x o

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