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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Music Treasure - Sakanaction

 One of my favourite Japanese music exports, has to be Sakanaction: from there electronic harmonies and pounding beats, to their eclectic and whimsical music videos. Sakanaction bring something new to my Ipod that some of our British/American artists don't....a sense of Individuality.

  They aren't the mass produced pop creation of Simon Cowell, or a heavyweight American Diva such as Beyonce or J-lo (even though I do adore these girls). They don't have million dollar music videos, but something more fun. There is the beautifully simple Sample, a video of a fisherman. However it's the use of camera effects, colour and sound that makes it so fun! Arukaround is like a pop-up book of lyrics, in a Groundhog style loop. After watching it you find yourself in a sort of child like wonder at who comes up with this sort of idea!

 If you havn't tried Sakanaction yet........I suggest you do! Lovers of anything alternative, electro and whimsical give it a try :)

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